Character Pyjamas coming for Disney 100 in 2023

Character Pyjamas coming for Disney 100 in 2023

Character pyjamas are a must for any age. Here at Pyjama Planet we have a huge range of Adults and children’s Character nightwear. 2023 is set to be a big year for Disney with it being their 100th anniversary there are lots of exciting things coming and that means lots of new character pjs will be coming to the site!

We will be show casing here some of the new releases scheduled for 2023 and showing you what pyjamas we have so your little one can snuggle up while watching their favourite Disney or Marvel film!


Kicking it off in the first quarter there is a new super hero movie called The Marvels, this is a sequel to Captain Marvel movie and a continuation of the Ms . Marvel Disney+ series. Here at the pyjama planet we know how marvel characters are some of our favourites now across all generations and we have a huge range of men’s and children’s PJs featuring Spiderman, Hulk, Avengers & Captain America.

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Everyone’s favourite Mickey & Minnie Mouse are also getting new releases on Disney Jr and with that comes new character pyjamas for your little ones. We have a lovely selection of Mickey Mouse Pyjamas and Minnie Mouse PJs perfect for any Mickey and Minnie fans who want to hang out in the clubhouse. All of our character pyjamas are so soft and comfy and are perfect for snuggling up in bed.


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In the summer time there are tonnes of new releases including Elemental a new Disney movie, Barbie, Star wars and much more. Also, around this time there is a new Harry Potter game being released set to be a huge hit amongst Harry Potter and gaming fans alike. Rest assured we will have the perfect pair of character pyjamas that can be worn while watching these epic new movies, or just relaxing around the house.

If your children are huge spiderman fans then they’re in for a treat in 2023, with 3 releases planned from August to November they’ll be swinging from the ceiling like their favourite spider themed character. Whether your little superhero is trying to save the day or getting tucked into bed they can feel as cool as spiderman in our spiderman pyjamas and nightwear. These pyjamas are perfect for both boys and girls, and can be worn watching a spiderman marathon on the weekend!

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If your kids are fans of the Disney cars franchise then they’re also going to be excited for September when the cars season 2 is released on Disney+. This will have your children racing around like Lighting McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and the gang. Once they’re out of fuel and ready for bed you can be sure they will love slipping into there very own cars character pyjamas to get some well deserved rest!

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Another Disney classic set for a new release next year is The Lion King, now who doesn’t love The Lion King right? This film is such a classic it isn’t just children’s pyjamas that we stock, we also have Ladies Lion King pyjamas here at pyjama planet featuring a lovely print of Simba, Pumba, Timon and the rest of the gang.



There are tonnes more planned with the Disney 100th anniversary, but that’s for another blog! We hope you are as excited as us for next year and all the stunning new character pyjamas we have got coming soon!

To re-cap some of the new characters and fan favourites coming next year we have:

  • The Marvels
  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Lion King
  • Harry Potter
  • Barbie
  • Disney Elemental
  • Cars
  • Star wars
  • Spiderman

Whether you are looking for comfy PJs, long and short, dressing gowns or character clothing we have it all available here at the pyjama planet perfect for all occasions. Get yourself over to to find yourself or your little on the softest character nightwear that you will want to lounge around in all day long!


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