About Us

We are a family-run business based in Birmingham, selling a range of personalised gifts as well as both children's and adult's nightwear. We formed in 2008, initially selling Children's Schoolwear to a range of local schools. We soon managed to set up a second shop in Rubery, and now supply various products for a range of ages!

Through our business providing Schoolwear to over 50 schools in Birmingham, we have built a loyal and local community of customers, who come to us to provide them with the perfect Personalised gifts for ANY occasion!

Now that we have built our local customer base, we are looking to expand across the UK and beyond, hence why we now provide our services on various online sales channels!

Here at Pyjama Planet we always try to source the latest nightwear trends, and when it comes to children, we try to find only the most popular of characters! And it is now our mission to provide Adults and Children with various pyjama designs, including some of our own exclusives!

Pyjama Planet is an affiliate of Kids Essentials Schoolwear, and Kids Essentials UK.