Every Character Screen Event Summer 2022

Every Character Screen Event Summer 2022

Here at Pyjama Planet, we love nothing more than sitting back and catching up with our favourite characters from both the big and small screens! So we have decided to compile a list of all the major character screen events happening this summer! And of course, we have paired these events with some of our own character pyjamas!

Coming This Summer:

1) Jurassic World: Dominion (June 10th):

We have 2 choices to pair with this latest instalment in the 'Jurassic' franchise!

Our Boy's Lego 'Jurassic' Pyjamas feature two dinosaurs on the top, with contrasting bottoms!

While our Lego 'Raptor' Pyjamas features Owen running from a Velociraptor, while the bottoms feature a Jurassic World motif throughout!

2) Lightyear (June 17th):

The next character event to look out for is this prequel to Toy Story, where we meet the 'real' Buzz Lightyear, who's adventures inspire an action figure to be made in his image. We have various pyjamas available for Toy Story fans which you can check out below:

Our Boys 'Buzz' Dress Up pyjamas will be perfect for any fan of this space ranger! These fancy dress style pyjamas also glow in the dark, making them perfect for all of your missions in space!

Alternatively, your little one could dress up as the greatest cowboy ever! In our Boys 'Woody' Dress Up pyjamas your little one will go on all sorts of adventures with his pal Buzz!

Finally, any little girls will be pleased to see that they can enjoy the event, by dressing up as everyone's favourite cowgirl, Jessie! Our Girls 'Jessie' Dress Up Pyjamas feature the same design as Jessie's iconic outfit, making them perfect for every adventure!

3) Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8th):

Thor's next adventure is set to bring many surprises and plenty of thunder as well as tonnes of excitement for every Marvel fan! We have several pairs of pyjamas that will be perfect for this next adventure, which you can see below:

Our Boys Marvel 'Characters' Pyjamas feature several members of the Avengers, as well as The Mighty Thor! These pyjamas will make the perfect gift for any Marvel fan, especially in the run-up to Thor's next adventure!

Our second choice again features various members of the Avengers, but they also feature everyone's favourite Thunder God! Your little one will surely be worthy of Mjolnir in these Boys Marvel 'Symbol' Pyjamas!

You can check out more of our pyjamas by clicking here!

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