Our Top Girls Picks for January 2022

Our Top Girls Picks for January 2022

At Pyjama Planet we believe there’s nothing like settling down after a day of play and cosying up in a fresh pair of pyjamas! We have so many to choose from, so we thought we’d compile a list of our favourites, just to make it easier for you!

We have various collections available, ranging from your favourite cartoon to your favourite princess, so we are sure that there is definitely something here for all!

Our Picks:

LOL ‘Characters’ Pyjamas

Being a full-time diva is hard work. So, we have selected our favourite pair of LOL pyjamas, so that your little girl can go to bed like a diva as well!

Whether it be Queen Bee or Stardust Queen, we have something for all fans in our full LOL Collection!

Harry Potter ‘Letter’ Pyjamas

Have you received your letter? Well if you have, we have the perfect pair of pj’s to make your time at Hogwarts so much better!

You can check out our full range of wizarding pyjamas in our Full Collection!

Bing 'Pink Lilac' Pyjamas

Our favourite pair of Bing Pj's are an absolute must have for any fan of the pre-school bunny! After a long day of play and learning with Bing, Flop and Sula, we're sure that your little one will love these pyjamas just as much as us!

Bing and his friends are also available in our full Bing Collection here!

Hey Duggee 'All Around' Pyjamas

After a long day earning badges, your little one is certain to be ready for bedtime! That is why we have picked our favourite pair of Duggee pj's, as we're sure they'll become your favourite too!

You can also hang out with Duggee and the Squirrel Club in our full Hey Duggee Collection here!


Paw Patrol 'Love' Pyjamas

To finish off our list, we bring you our favourite pair of pj's featuring our favourite group of pups!

Your little one will absolutely adore our Paw Patrol pyjamas! And after saving Adventure Bay from Mayor Humdinger, a short snooze will definitely be required! Our Paw Patrol 'Love' Pyjamas are perfect for any fan of the super-pups! 

You can hang out with Marshall, Chase and the rest of the gang in our full Paw Patrol Collection!

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To speak to us about buying any of the pyjamas above and any of our other characters, why not call 07506 807 761?

Or if you prefer, send an email to lauren@kids-essentials.co.uk! Visit our contact page for full contact details and information.

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